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4 of the Most Anticipated Home Design Trends for 2017

As the end of 2016 nears, designers are already making predictions about 2017 trends. To recap, 2016 is the year of creating glamorous family rooms; hanging pretty pendant lighting; outfitting spaces with interesting pedestal tables; designating a home office space with a glam desk; mixing metals; and integrating colorful textiles, like those found in Guatemala, into decor. Still popular are home furnishings covered in prints and neutral tones, as well as minimalist spaces with a pop of color. In terms of technology, three-dimensional (3D) printing is catching on, due the endless manufacturing possibilities it provides.

While some of these trends will remain strong heading into 2017, design pros expect a few new ones to take off. Read on to see what you can expect in design and decor in the coming year.

  1. Revived Vintage Furnishings

Seen during the most recent High Point Market Week, popular styles from the art deco period were given new life through the use of contemporary textiles and materials. Similar approaches were applied to classic campaign furniture and other vintage pieces. Preserving the historical significance of the home furnishings while updating accents and vintage couchtrimmings to match trends, such as midcentury modern, keeps the look fresh and worth integrating into any home.

One good example is an office chair produced by Worlds Away. Inspired by a 1950s Pierre Jeanneret chair made with teak and woven cane, Worlds Away updates the subdued aesthetic by doing away with the beige upholstery, instead covering the seat with a stark-white textile. The lighter hue offers a drastic contrast from the dark wood base of the chair, making it look more lively and modern.

  1. Beautiful, Durable Fabrics

People want to live in their spaces, not just look at them. They prefer rooms that are inviting to both adults and children. However, one thing is certain: consumers are less willing to forgo design in favor of function. They want options that offer style as well as the ability to withstand wear. For this reason, in 2017, furniture made with fool-proof fabrics will do well among buyers.

Crypton, a manufacturer of stain-resistant fabrics, is partnering with furniture makers to upholster such high-end pieces as the Jean-Louis Deniot sofa at Baker. The French designer wanted the look of luxurious velvet, but needed the seat to be more durable. He achieved this by using a fabric that looks like velvet, but is made of 40 percent polyester. The polyester-blend helps maintain the shape of the upholstery because the fibers are sturdier, and polyester is known to preserve color well and release water-based stains. If a homeowner places the sofa in a place that gets direct sunlight, the exposure will not fade the material as quickly, which is great for a piece that will endure frequent use.

  1. Colorful Pieces

As in 2016, pops of color will remain an attractive design choice, but the 2017 way to do it colorful furnitureinvolves using it sparingly. Doing so looks more purposeful, and allows the color to make a bolder statement.

Highlight brighter colors, like cobalt blue and saturated red, in smaller pieces like décor or accent furniture. Softer hues, like pastels, are suited for larger furniture. A bright-colored chair or sofa can anchor a room as well. For artwork or wallpaper, lean toward products that contain gradients or have a watercolor effect. The airiness works well with other up-and-coming trends, such as cool-toned glass pieces and warm felts and wool.

  1. Bohemian Style

If you enjoy traveling or collecting things from different parts of the world, the bohemian trend will pique your interest. It gives you the luxury to create an eclectic space and embrace traditional, handmade products from other cultures. The style works best if you find furnishings and home accents that have a strong regional look. For instance, mohair and tweeds can lend your home a look very reminiscent of Scotland.

Additionally, handcrafted products work well because they often contain imperfections, highlighting the uniqueness of a one-of-a-kind piece. Hand-knotted rugs, woven baskets, and inlaid mother-of-pearl items are some pieces to consider. Another way to achieve a bohemian vibe involves sourcing products made with vegetal dyes, in colors such as indigo, light aubergine, and deep red. Warmer hues of orange, mustard, and brick are bohemian mainstays as well.