9 of the Most Popular Interior Trends Declared by Architects and Designers

From three-dimensional (3D) printing to minimalism, these interior design trends are setting the tone in 2016, according to architects and interior designers



For a more refined, sleek space, consider limiting the number of items you have in your home. A minimalist approach allows you to express personal style with the items you enjoy most. For instance, your kitchen can still feel personal and unique even if it isn’t cluttered with artwork, objects, and furniture. A minimalist approach strips a room, leaving the essentials, and plays up a few pieces, like bar stools, with color, texture, or some other notable feature. Keep in mind that a single pop of color in an otherwise plain room can still achieve a fun look.


Though many people style their homes using a single specific era or style, modern designers understand the value in mixing. In a recent article, Elissa Cullman of Cullman & Kravis Inc. told Architectural Digest that she hopes more people open themselves up to eclectic interiors that combine a variety of styles. That means choosing home furnishings you truly love, no matter the style, and finding a way to make them work together in a space. Cullman says there is no magical formula for putting elements from different eras and styles together. She only recommends you shop with quality and detail in mind, choosing what speaks to you and your personal interests.


For a truly individual look, customizing a piece of furniture or décor is a good way to translate more of your interests and personality into your home. For example, there are services that digitally print fabrics with images and patterns of your choice. Others can customize a lampshade to your specifications. These services are the perfect resource for making a house feel like home.

3D Printing

3d printerAmong the most exciting innovations shaping the future of the home furnishings industry is 3D printing. Chairs, side tables, lamps, and cabinets can all be built utilizing this new technology. In addition, many pieces manufactured through 3D printing are made of recycled materials, such as plastic, which means that when you invest in a 3D-printed piece, you’re making a more sustainable choice.


Bold colors saturated the interior design industry until recently. In 2016, however, neutral tones have taken center stage. Learn to appreciate colors like eggshell, cream, ivory, and bone to stay on trend. If you feel these are too plain, try mixing varying ranges of neutral colors, such as deep beiges with bright whites. The contrast from dark to light will boost your room’s appeal while still providing that calm versatility that neutrals offer. You can also integrate a pop of color. A high-impact hue, used sparingly in the form of a chair or other accent, can add character.

Nested Objects

Nested furniture is a trend that Rafael de Cardenas of Rafael de Cardenas Ltd. is seeing, as he noted to Architectural Digest. Nesting tables are perhaps the most familiar example of this trend. A set of nesting tables is constructed with a similar shape, but each table is made smaller than the next, so they can all be stored underneath the largest one. This feature gives you the option to expand the tables for more surface space to use, or store them nested within each other when not needed, thus saving room. Nested furniture also includes larger pieces, like dining or office tables with matching chairs that fit neatly underneath. The products are designed like a puzzle, so you can push the chairs flush into the table.

Modern and Tradition

dining roomInstead of creating a room that only showcases modern home furnishings, try mixing in some older, more traditional pieces. This year, furniture that exudes tradition is finding its way into homes, where people are mixing it with more contemporary and current styles. If this trend interests you, look for chairs covered in distressed brown leathers, antique buffets, and classically designed tables. The key is creating a room that conveys a sense of tradition, but does not seem fussy or ornate. Such a room also has to work for modern lifestyles.

Patterned Textiles

Many designers expressed their love for all things neutral and subtle in 2016, but others appreciate the color and vitality that prints and patterns bring to a room. In the same Architectural Digest interview mentioned above, Madeline Stuart of Madeline Stuart & Associates remarked that she enjoys the trend of patterned fabrics and prints, saying that the solid trend has gone on far too long.


While people once ignored their fireplace, more and more home owners are making it the central point of their living room. Especially in fall and winter, a fireplace offers a warm, rustic place where family and friends can gather around. Moreover, new gas fireplaces offer a more eco-friendly, clean-burning option than wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are also the perfect choice if you don’t want the hassle of purchasing wood or having to start a fire with kindling—many turn on with the touch of a button.