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The Most Popular Decor Trends and How to Get the Look

There are many ways to outfit a space with popular looks to make your home more current. According to ELLE Décor and House Beautiful, homeowners are leaning toward the following trends in 2016:


Once considered dated, “granny florals” have come back into style. The prints are popular on couches, loveseats, rugs, chairs, and upholstered headboards. Florals also work with decorative accents, such as wallpaper and chandeliers. If you are not ready to fully commit, you can start small by adding a few floral throw pillows to seating areas.

Marble and similar stones


Image courtesy J Lski | Flickr

Marble, or at least the look of a cloudy and veined stone, is an essential material to have in a home that seeks a level of sophistication and lavishness. If you can afford the cost, marble is ideal. However, stones like onyx and alabaster offer the same look. No matter what type of stone you choose, this material will give your room a refined touch.

Purchasing a smaller piece helps you update your room on a limited budget. As an accent, consider a decorative marble bowl or hanging clock. Those who can afford it can purchase larger-scale pieces of the material to make a bolder statement. Entry and dining tables are good options for displaying marble. The material can add even add opulence to a space when used on coffee and bar tables.

Digital-free zones

The world is overwhelmed with gadgets and technology. ELLE Decor suggests keeping one room free of these luxuries. Because these rooms traditionally promote bonding among loved ones, the family and dining rooms are good choices for this design scheme.

To make a family room enjoyable, ELLE Decor recommends adding a bar cart for beverages and tying in artwork with seating. For dining rooms, a marble table with surrounding matching chairs encourages conversation over a great meal. Include a buffet to keep clutter off the table and utilize the space above it to hang an eye-catching piece, such as a sunburst mirror.

Decorated corners

There is no need to leave any part of a room unfurnished. Even the smallest corner in your home has just enough square footage to add a tall pedestal. The wood columns from Ballard Designs and the Churchill pedestal from Chelsea House Inc. are good examples of interesting accent furnishings. These items make it possible for you to display decor, such as a sculpture or a plant, in an unexpected place.

Hominess in unlikely spaces


Image courtesy John & Jan Woodward | Flickr

Bathrooms are among the spaces that are often overlooked. Although this room is often filled with clutter, you can easily turn it into a beautiful space.

Give your bathroom a facelift by adding simple decor that have a minimalist feel. Set a small table next to the tub to provide a surface for necessities. A low-set table also offers an opportunity for personalization with flowers and candles. If your bathroom is larger, add a plush chair for a spa-like ambience. For his and her sinks that have a vanity with an open space for a chair, consider purchasing a nice ottoman or stool that you can hide away when you’re not using it.

Matte finishes

In 2016, matte is the hot look. This is a complete reversal from 2015, when metallic was the rave. Now, modern trends lean toward matte glazes, oxidized metals, and chalk-finish paints. Fortunately, the shiny, glossy items you loved from 2015 can stay in your home because muted pieces look great next to metallic objects.

One simple way to integrate matte furniture into your home is through chairs. Many side and office chairs now are made in flat finishes. Dressers, such as the Modloft Bowery three-drawer dresser, come in shades like asphalt matte, while some sideboards, such as the one from Tema Dann, are finished in matte grey. Storage units, bar tables, and stools are other products that will work well with a matte finish.

Technicolor stripes

Rainbow hues aren’t just for clothing anymore. The multicolor trend now appears in bookshelves by Garth Roberts for Casamania and rugs by Loloi. Other colorful furniture designers include Nina Tolstrup and Anthony Hartley.

Mr. Hartley created Mrs. Smith the 2nd, which is a hand-sprayed table with an abstract look. Part of a larger collection of technicolor home furnishings, the table features rainbow colors running throughout the wavy base and top.

Nina Tolstrup launched the French Riviera Chair, part of her Re-Imagined collection, through Studiomama. The contemporary chair features multicolored Kvadrat fabric.


Perhaps because it reminds people of beaches and tropical destinations, raffia is showing up in homes more now than ever. Besides its more obvious applications, like being woven into rugs and pillows, the material works well in accent pieces, like side tables and chair frames. You will also find it mixed into woven vases. A more unique approach is to incorporate it into wallpaper.