9 of the Most Helpful Facts about the Tupelo Furniture Market

Tupelo Furniture MarketEstablished in 1987, the Tupelo Furniture Market welcomes hundreds of manufacturers and retailers throughout the year to view the latest in home furnishings, casegoods, and accessories. The event has become one of the leading order-writing markets in the United States. Here are other details that will provide a better overview of the show.

How frequently does the market occur?

The Tupelo Furniture Market is hosted twice a year: once in February and a second time in August. The show takes place over four consecutive days, beginning on Thursday. Doors open at 8 a.m. For the exception of Sunday, when the market closes at 5 p.m., showrooms stay open until 6 p.m.

How large is the facility?

The market covers 1.6 million square feet of space. Attendees can expect to explore six different buildings during their visit.

Is there a fee for parking?

No. In fact, the market ensures plenty of parking by designating 3 million square feet of space to parking. Complimentary spaces are located adjacent to the venue.

Who comes to the event?

An estimated 600 companies attend the event to exhibit their products. Both domestic and international exhibitors participate, and they comprise importers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Past participants have included BG Industries, Largo International, Malouf Sleep, and United Furniture Industries. The quantity of vendors gives tens of thousands of furniture buyers an abundance of options for items that fit their retail brands. All 50 states are represented by these buyers, and many travel from overseas to attend as well. Attendees must present a resale or business license, and either a business card or cancelled payroll check to be considered a buyer.

Are there educational opportunities?

The Tupelo Furniture Market hosts a “Lunch and Learn” workshop series led by expert consultants, who have a track record of improving revenue streams and streamlining operations for retailers. All attendees have free access to the educational seminars, which include a complimentary lunch. During the 2016 event in February, Joe Milevsky of JRM Sales and Management hosted three seminars, each of which ran just over an hour long. He covered strategic planning, sales tools, and succession planning.

What is the Buyer & Seller “Matchmaker” Initiative?

FurnitureDue to the size of the market, it is not possible for all buyers and exhibitors to meet for the purpose of networking and doing business. For this reason, the market’s buyer recruitment department launched the Buyer & Seller “Matchmaker” Initiative in 2012. The program leverages a team of buyer recruitment personnel, sales employees, and marketing experts to connect showroom exhibitors with pre-registered attendees prior to the market. Those interested in speaking in-person at the event can coordinate a meeting through the buyer recruitment department. Following the show, additional opportunities for buyers to interact with exhibitors are available through promotions and other engagements. More details about the program may be obtained by emailing or calling (662) 842-4442.

How can a buyer attend for free?

Prior to every show, market staff solicit feedback from leading exhibitors on who they think is a “top buyer.” From this list, the buyer recruitment department develops a special package to invite these selected retailers to attend the event at no cost. The package may include airfare and hotel accommodations, in addition to a complimentary ticket. Further, unique opportunities may be provided, such as business-to-business (B2B) meetings and product incentives.

Another option that allows buyers to enjoy the event for free is the TFM Weekend Pass. A limited number of passes are given to targeted buyers who drive to the market. These passes cover hotel accommodations, meals, and fuel. Additionally, those chosen will receive Tupelo Only Special (TOS) Club membership and show dollars, among other perks. The only stipulation is that the chosen party must come to the market on both Saturday and Sunday.

What benefits come from TOS Club membership?

Buyers can maximize their experience at the market by joining the TOS Club. Membership offers valuable savings in the form of discounted hotel rates, exclusive incentives through exhibitors, and special pricing for networking events. Additionally, all members are eligible to win TFM show dollars to purchase items from exhibitors. Other benefits include guaranteed seating at Lunch and Learn sessions and a chance to partake in the hosted buyer programs.

Where do people break for meals?

To keep participants fueled for the day, the event coordinators ensure five out of the six buildings with showrooms also have concessions. In Buildings 1, 3, and 4, concessions are located in the middle food court. In Buildings 5 and 6, food can be found at the front entrance and center food court, respectively. Buyers who arrive prior to 9 a.m. may also take advantage of the appreciation breakfast. Located at the Tupelo Market Cafe in the Tupelo Complex in Building 6, breakfast is available for two hours beginning at 7 a.m. every day the event is open. At the close of the market, a dinner buffet takes place. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy a meal with other industry professionals and network.