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6 Things You Need to Know When Visiting the Las Vegas Market

lasvegasmarketlogoThe Las Vegas Market occurs twice a year and the next takes place during the summer. From July 31 to August 4, the tradeshow will provide you with an abundance of design inspiration across 1.1 million square feet of showrooms. Join the event to discover the latest in home decor, gifts, and furniture and meet home furnishing exhibitors. If you are new to the Market, there are several things you need to know before you go.

1. How to register

There are three ways you can register for the Market. The first way is to sign up as a buyer, non-exhibiting manufacturer, representative, or supplier. Buyer registration applies to individuals in the home decor and furniture industry as well as those in design, like architects. Non-exhibiting manufacturer registration pertains to attendees that fit the buyer description, but provide manufacturing services and will not be reserving an exhibitor space at the show. Representative attendees are those that represent exhibiting businesses. Supplier attendees include individuals extending a product or service, such as legal counsel, investment guidance, or raw material manufacturing, to Market exhibitors.

The second way to register is as an exhibitor. If you are joining the event as an exhibitor, make sure to have your company identification information handy to complete the online registration.

The final registration opportunity pertains to media professionals and involves two categories: editorial and supplier. The former applies to you if your purpose is to cover a story about the Market, while the latter concerns you if you are performing a non-journalistic function on behalf of a publication. For example, you are an advertising or public relations representative, or you work for a publishing or catalog firm. Go to to sign up.

2. How to Get Your Badge

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Following registration, you will receive a confirmation message containing a QR code. Utilize use this code to obtain your badge, which you must wear at all times when exploring the tradeshow. You can quickly print your badge by visiting a Scan & Go location (in Pavilion 1 or in lobbies A, B, and C) and following the prompts.

3. What to Expect from the Programming

The programming at the Las Vegas Market educates attendees on industry trends and issues through a variety of seminars and other events led by industry experts. The sessions are a good time for you to accrue continuing education unit (CEU) credits, network with peers, and learn more about relevant topics, such as merchandising, technology, design, marketing, and sustainability, among others. Each class lasts about 60 minutes, with approximately 15 minutes at the end left open for questions.

4. How to Avail Yourself of the Amenities

Las Vegas Market visitors have access to a number of amenities, including complimentary wireless Internet and several business centers that offer mailing and copying services. In two of the World Market Center Buildings, as well as in The Pavilions, you will find a place to check coats and bags, so you will not have to lug them around the show.

Bag services are also an option for travelers flying with JetBlue, Delta, Southwest, United, or American. Three hours before your flight departs, check in with the on-site bag service desk. Personnel there help you transport your luggage to the appropriate airline, so you have one less task to complete and more time to explore the Market. In addition, scooter and wheelchair rentals and a Market concierge dubbed “Just Ask. Where” are available.

5. Where to dine

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You will not have a problem finding food during the event because the Market has multiple restaurants and dining facilities. Grab-and-go kiosks, food trucks, and cafes are situated on nearly every floor, as well as in the courtyard. Well-known eateries at the Market include Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Quiznos, Panda Express, Honey Baked Ham, and Q’doba Mexican Grill. Whole Foods and Einstein Bagels will also be present.

For those who need their daily dose of Starbucks, there are four on-campus locations. You can also enjoy a meal at DW Bistro@MKT, where Chef Bryce Dalton and his team will be serving Jamaican- and New Mexican-inspired meals on the first floor of Building A. The Market version of this local favorite restaurant will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the spot to visit if you crave beer and wine or a special cocktail in addition to a sumptuous meal.

6. Why You Should Use the Market App

The Las Vegas Market app is a great tool to download before you attend the event. Acting as a personal guide, it helps you navigate through the sea of exhibitors, informing you about them and giving you additional details about on-site amenities, social events, and seminars. The app comes with a Market planner tool, which allows you to categorize items you want to see and events you want to attend in a list format. The planner gives you full flexibility to create and edit as many lists as you want.