Get Deliberate About Your Success

Deliberate Success.



Simply put,

– Be intentional about wanting to move forward in your life

– Set appropriate goals to get you there, for goals are the seeds of greatness.

– Take organized action on your goals. If you do not DO something, nothing will change. You will arrive nowhere. Take action.

– Ensure you are taking the right action that takes you to the right direction. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how active you are… if you are moving in the wrong direction, you will not arrive at your desired destination.

– In the process, beware who you associate with – who you walk with. The people in your life make you. They influence almost everything about you: words, actions… decisions. If you walk with nine fools, you will become the tenth.

To your success.

Samuel A. Bakutana is Africa’s New Generation Leadership, Business and Education Consultant, an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, and…

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